Eager to explore new modes and methods of communicating intricate ideas and visions, Albertico gains the majority of his inspiration from his diverse background, life experience and intuition. In a world of trend-conscious designers, Albertico approaches his projects with originality and expertise, focused on creating work that remains effortlessly timeless and perennially classic. With over 20 years of experience, Albertico possesses  a strong aesthetic sensibility and understanding of what constitutes a truly great design. Forward-thinking, open-minded, ever-adaptable, and socially-diverse, Albertico appreciates working in a collaborative environment to conceive, develop, and produce effective and user-friendly designs.


New developments and innovations are creating unique opportunities for each generation of designers. One of the most significant developments of our time, digital display technology, has literally changed the face of design. Media has become a vital material. Albertico’s vision is offering technology-driven creative solutions for global industry leaders, by delivering immersive and interactive experiences through the use of large-scale projection, environmental design, and installation art.

Projection / Video Mapping / VJ / Domes / Installations